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It's a Package Deal


How it works













Making Moves

Feeling overwhelmed and stuck from all there is to do after a big move? This package is for you.

Slow to Settle

You've been around the block a time or two, but when it comes to design you just can't make the time.

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Downsizing Dance

Are you moving into a smaller home, but the amount of stuff you own has grown?

Small House

WFH Office Re-Design

 Are you working from home, and finding that your office space just isn't working for you?

Working from Home
Colorful Office

Small Biz Bridge

Lacking cohesion, consistency, and identity in your work spaces? Is your work space all over the place? Let's get you on the same page.


Rental Redo (R&R)

Having trouble attracting tenants that care about your investment as much as you do? 


Re-designing could be the key to finding the tenants you want, and the profit you need. 

Picture This

Do you have a couple spaces around your home you just don't know what to do with? Send me a pic, and we'll find the pieces that fit. 

Interior Design

Create your Own Acrylic Pour at Home

Is there a blank wall or two in your home in need of some art work? Together, we can create a custom acrylic pour painting for your space. 

Pouring Soap
Carneau & Co. (14).png

It's a Process

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We experienced first hand Kailee's magical interior design eye. She was tasked with giving us ideas on how to decorate our "new to us home". Kailee took the time to listen, and find out what our style preferences were. She then researched and shared ideas, and suggested decor that matched our taste. If you are wanting to make changes to the interior of your home or office, contact Kailee. You won't be disappointed!

Kailee redesigned the layout and decor of our office space. After spending time listening to what we wanted and needed, she came up with creative ideas, and used a variety of items she found or had made to create a space that is both functional and beautiful. She took her time and included fun details. Our office space went from feeling like a cave, to being welcoming and inviting!

Bonnie Kandoll,

Making Moves Client

Jill T., Operations Manager 

Small Business Bridge Client

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