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10 Signs It's Time to Declutter & Reorganize

There comes a time in every home owners life when one needs to declutter. The junk drawer has gone too far, the walls are closing in, your house is getting smaller, and your system of organized chaos has left you and your table, without a leg to stand on.

Here are 10 Signs that it might be time to declutter, and re-organize:

  1. You feel like you can't breathe when you come home.

  2. You have the sudden urge to throw out everything in sight or throw something across the room, and doing both at the same time would feel really good.

  3. Every surface seems to have stacks of stuff piled up, and you find yourself moving it from one pile to a new pile.

  4. You have stuff you haven't touched in years but you keep it for that one day that your unborn grandkid might need it.

  5. You clean up one space only to have it get cluttered up again.

  6. You promise yourself to work on it a little at the time but you always find better ways to occupy your time.

  7. You want things cleaned up but the thought of taking on that task is overwhelming and all consuming.

  8. You find yourself blaming everyone else for the mess because heaven knows you would have thrown that chair out years ago.

  9. You have to move stuff around, and clean up before having guests over or eating together.

  10. You find yourself getting disproportionately angry at inanimate objects-repeatedly.

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