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Every move I make, I make something new, how about you?

Every time we move we have the opportunity to recreate the past or propel ourselves into a new, and more prosperous future. Moving is disruptive, lonely, and messy. It's hard and freeing all at once. Few things are as disruptive or as transformational as a physical move.

Moving brings with it a hidden repeat or renew, to redo, or build new. So what will you do when the opportunity presents itself to you?

Will you spend your energy holding on to the past? Will you pretend to start completely new with no ties to what you once knew? Will you let the experience grow you, and show you what to keep and what to let go of?

If we aren't careful we run the risk of moving to run away and avoid something, not realizing that very thing we were avoiding is coming with us. Or, we get so addicted to fresh starts that we literally or metaphorically get up and move every time it gets too heavy and hard to stay. Other times, we find excuses to stay put when we should have moved long ago.

When it comes to moving, perhaps what matters most is simply that there is movement. Whether we are moving back to heal our past or forward into a brighter future. The opportunity to move is always with us. Our lives are a yoU-Haul experience. You can decide what to pack with you, what to leave behind, and who to befriend along the way. Physical moves are simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying because they are the physical manifestation of the very real opportunity we always have - to make the most of each new day we are given.

Moving will surely change us... but it's up to each of us to decide what to do with what we unpack next.

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