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Small Changes & Waterfall Victories

When it comes to interiors, time and time again, the smallest wins make the biggest difference (and build our confidence). I was at TJ Maxx the other day, and I stumbled across these beautiful solid wood mid-century modern bedside tables on sale for $39.99 each -SCORE! I'd been looking for something like them for quite some time, and I wasn't about to pass up this delectably discounted opportunity. The bedside tables I had been using (If you can call them that) I'd had since college; two wooden crates from the craft store laid on their side, balanced on Pinterest wedding-worthy wood slices with small iron legs that I got from some hidden corner of the internet, not screwed to the bottom because why would I do that when I can witness the daring Jenga wobble every night when the iPhone is laid to rest.

Kudos to my college self on a budget getting creative and getting by. The creativity that will come out of college kids on a budget is truly staggering. Did I mention they match my pallet bed frame & headboard? Needless to say, it was time for a change. So I bought them, and brought them home and set up these two finds in their new post, only to feel a little disappointed...something wasn't quite right. The wood end tables felt like they blended in too much with the furniture around them.

That's when I remembered the turquoise drawer pulls I had bought a year ago for the bedside table I told myself I would eventually build - but never did.

With help, I quickly installed them, and Voila! The transformation was complete.

The best part was there were all these unexpected waterfall changes from just getting the new to me end tables.

The end tables ended up matching my desk, and a small table I already had in my room.

The end table drawers gave me a place to put my journal, and books away so they could stop taking up precious bed real estate.

The height of the end tables made it so I no longer had to awkwardly bend over to set and snooze my alarm.

Annnnd, I finally got to utilize the drawer pulls I bought months ago but previously didn't have a place for.

The moral of the story is...

  1. Small changes hide big waterfall victories

  2. Wait it out, the right thing will come along

  3. When we get honest with ourselves and stop putting up with less/lowering our standards we are rewarded with more than we imagined or anticipated

  4. Nothing is wasted

  5. Pay attention to your pain points they tell you what you care about

  6. Small changes have big impacts that build our confidence to make bigger and bolder moves towards better

  7. Good things come to those who wait

  8. If a change doesn't feel right, sit with it inspiration will strike when you're open to it

So look around your spaces, what are the small little annoyances that you've been putting up with, and are becoming white noise? What have you been putting up with just because it didn't bother you THAT much? What little things can you get honest with yourself about? What small changes are damming up your waterfall victories?

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